Mountain running races

Hydra, a model of architecture and aesthetics, glorious, with a long history, rich tradition and cultural heritage, has the uniqueness of combining the lacy beaches and the cosmopolitan atmosphere with the diverse natural environment that is the walker's and nature lover's paradise.

The uniqueness of the natural environment, the wild beauty of the mountains and its unspoiled steep paths with the amazing view of the sea, are the elements that give one more reason to explore Hydra.

For all of us, who love nature and want to test the real limits of our endurance, we organize every year a two-day competition which, already in its first year, "stirred up the waters" of mountain races and gave each of us the opportunity to live up close a unique experience!

Hydra's Trail Event is now established in the field of mountain running and is held every year in April on competitive routes, some of which are aimed at top athletes of the genre. Some others are designed with the participation of the whole world in mind, while there is also a special route as well as other sports activities for children.

During the two days of the games, the island is visited not only by athletes but also by many other visitors who want to watch the games up close. At the same time, athletes and visitors have the opportunity to participate in various events, which the Organizers and the Municipality of Hydra have prepared especially for them.

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