The former carpet factory

The Phaedra Hotel operated as a carpet factory until the beginning of the last century.

In the period from 1750 - 1850 Hydra had about 27,000 inhabitants, its society was self-sufficient and there were many factories that produced products for its inhabitants.

Unfortunately around 1900, with the migration of the inhabitants of Hydra to Piraeus and Athens, all the small factories of the island slowly began to close. This also happened with the old carpet factory, which was closed and left in ruins for several years.

The current owners found Phaedra abandoned. Based on the National Heritage Rules that govern our island, the form of the building could not be changed.

In their refurbishment of the hotel, Hilda and Andonis, the present owners, have taken great care to incorporate as many of the original features and details as possible.

The massive looms with their huge bobbins and hooks were in a poor state of repair and much of the wood so rotten that it couldn't be saved. However, some of the larger struts and a few bobbins have been recycled into homes around the island.

The wall colours, ceiling designs, window sills, cistern, well heads and a wealth of other features have been renovated to maintain the "spirit" and character of the building.

All the modern additions have been very sensitively incorporated to create this atmospheric, intimate and elegant hotel.

The below photos depict the courtyard and the former carpet factory and how we restored them