Why in Hydra

Hydra, rich in history and traditions, is located a breath away from Athens. A beautiful, picturesque island with wonderful sandy or pebbly beaches, with crystal clear and blue waters, which you should definitely visit.

Historical island, where the visitor meets the History and Culture of the recent past. Wandering through the picturesque alleys and gazing at the imposing buildings, one imagines that he is living in the glorious moments of Hydra's history.

What to admire at the Sacred and Glorious rock of Hydra, the Historical - Archive Museum, the Ecclesiastical - Byzantine Museum and the other Museums or the Mansions of the captains of the previous century with their idiosyncratic architecture and picturesque post-Byzantine Churches.

Hydra is considered the "navel" of the Argosaronic Sea, so you can, centered on Hydra, organize one-day or two-day excursions to Poros, Spetses, Ermioni or Porto Heli, which are about 30 or 40 minutes from Hydra, either by flying dolphin or by your car from Metohi.

An important reason to come to our island is to visit and worship the Holy Monasteries and the many Churches, which, apart from their religious role and the excitement they cause, are architectural and historical monuments with multitude of historical relics.

Hydra combines the short distance from Athens and Piraeus, with wonderful holidays,
full of activities and alternative types of tourism, which it offers to its visitors.

Sailing races, mountain running races, hiking the eleven routes of Hydra, water sports and games, all kinds of fishing on the rocky bottom of the island, guided diving to get to know the beautiful world of the seabed, nearby excursions, romantic sunset walks, are just some of the activities you will find on our island.

Hydra is one of the most suitable islands for family tourism, since there is a complete lack of wheeled vehicles, even bicycles, closed and controlled areas and sandy and pebbly beaches with shallow waters. So parents can feel at peace about the safety of their children and enjoy, in addition to the many activities the island offers, the peace and joy of the holidays together with their children.

The island with its 300 churches and 6 Monasteries together with its unique harmony and picturesqueness, is an ideal romantic destination for a wonderful wedding ceremony, while at the same time offering you all the necessary means and facilities for its success wedding of your dreams.

At the same time, in recent years during the summer months, many events, weddings, baptisms have been held in Hydra in beautiful places, next to the sea.

Hydra offers itself for religious tourism with a focus on its old Monasteries and the beautiful Churches and chapels that exist on the island. It is wonderful to be on the eve of the feast of a Monastery or a Church or even in a chapel and participate enthusiastically in the celebration and litany of the procession of the image of the Saint.

Because it is a breath away from the marinas of Athens (about 30 nautical miles) it is easy to come to Hydra with any boat, small or large, that can anchor it, either inside the harbor or in Mandraki or on any beach of the island, doing sea tourism.

Hydra is a paradise for all kinds of artists and people who deal with the visual arts, since these are supported by institutions and individuals, so that many Greek and foreign artists come and to exhibit works, events and traditional types of folk art.

Many conferences or seminars are held in Hydra every year, since the delegates combine work with a few days of vacation that offer, along with their work, rest and fun, in one of the best and closest destinations from Athens.

In Hydra there are accommodations for all budgets, picturesque tavernas on the sea, entertainment, spree or quiet holidays.

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