Sailing races

Every year there are two established sailing races in Hydra, which have become an institution for the island and which every year gather an increasing number of boats and visitors to our island, who come either by boats or by other means of transportation.

A. The first sailing racetakes place at the end of October close to the feast of October 28. The Hydra sailing race will take place along the route Faliro - Hydra - Faliro. The race is organized by the Nautical Club of Greece for boats registered according to ORCi, IRC and ORC CLUB.

B. The second sailing race with the name "Hellenic Revolution – Hydra" takes place at the end of March close to the holiday of March 25 and is announced by the Panhellenic Open Sea Sailing Association.

The "Hellenic Revolution - Hydra" sailing race has been organized since 1973 by POIATH and gathers every year a large number of boats, while at the same time it also opens the tourist season for Hydra, since this race is the beginning of the summer season for the island us.

Both sailing races are held with the sea route "departure from Faliro to Hydra and return from Hydra to Faliro". Each of the two routes is a distance of 36 nautical miles.

Both sailing races are held under the auspices and hospitality of the Municipality of Hydra
and the Hydra Nautical Club (Y.N.O.).

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