Kountouriotia in Hydra

Celebration in honor of the First President of the Hellenic Republic, Admiral Pavlos Kountouriotis.

KOUNTOURIOTEIA are celebrations, organized by the Municipality of Hydra, commemorating the 76 years since the death of the First President of the Greek Republic, Hydra Admiral Paul Kountourioti..

During the festivities, arount at the end of August, there are a lot of tourists and locals who attend, also invited officials, representatives of political and military authorities as well as representatives of literature and art.

The Kountourioteia include a lavish six-day celebration program, which is filled with tours of the island's museums, exhibitions, screenings, lectures, book presentations and sporting events.

On the last day of the events there is a memorial service and wreath laying at the statue and the Tomb of the Admiral and the first President of the Greek Republic, Paul Kountourioti.

Paul Kountouriotis

Paul Kountouriotis was born in Hydra in April 1855 and descended from the noble naval family Kountourioti. He was the son of Theodore Kountourioti, son of former Prime Minister of Greece George Kountourioti.

Following the naval tradition of the family, he joined the Royal Navy in 1886 and participated as a lieutenant in naval operations in Preveza, as well as those in Crete during the Greco-Turkish War of 1897 with the rank of lieutenant commander. As captain of "Alpheus" landed the expedition of Colonel Timoleon Vassos at Kolimbari Chania in February 1897 and at the Skala Leptokaryas in April 1897.

In 1908 he became the adjutant of King George I and the following year he was promoted to captain. In June 1911 and due to indiscipline of the crew of the battleship Averof, the position of the captain took the then captain Paul Koundoriotis. With the outbreak of the Balkan wars he was promoted to Rear Admiral, while on 16 April 1912 he became Chief of Staff of the Navy.

Then he becomes the head of the fleet in the Aegean and take action. As commander of the battleship "Averof" occupies Limnos and the next day Thasos, Imbros, Tenedos, Psara, Agios Efstratios and Samothraki. Until Dec. 21 he had been able to liberate almost all the islands, including the island of Chios. With the battleship "Averof" he participated in two battles in Elli and Limnos (5 January 1913). The last battle won thanks to one daring maneuver that Kountouriotis made. Successful handling of the Turkish fleet forced them to withdraw to the Dardanelles.

By the end of the Balkan wars he was promoted to vice admiral in battle for excellent service. It is worth noting that it was the first Greek after Konstantinos Kanaris that had received this degree. Disagreeing with the policy of neutrality of Greece in World War II participated in the government of Thessaloniki as a member of the Triumvirate (Daglis-Venizelos-Koundouriotis). In 1917 he took once again the portfolio of the Ministry of seafarers and the same year he retired with the rank of honorary admiral.

He died on August 22, 1935 in Paleo Faliro and was buried in the family tomb of the family Kountourioti in Hydra, as his desire. His son, Theodore Koundoriotis, joined the navy and even served as governor of the legendary battleship Averof.

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